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Risks and Complications of Cosmetic Surgery

Every surgery has its own procedure specific risks. Some general risks that can potentially occur across a number of procedures include:

Any incision will leave a scar. How you scar is largerly determined by genetics.
While rare, infection can disrupt surgery and even be life threatening. Most infections are minor and easily dealt with.
Pain and discomfort naturally follow all procedures, and its perception varies on the patient and the surgery. You will be given instructions and medications to keep pain and discomfort to a minimum
Undesirable cosmetic outcome
This can either be perceived, ie expectations have not been met, or real, where the surgery has not had the expected outcome. Revisionary surgery may be required in some cases
Nerve damage
All surgery causes some nerve injury, as all incisions do. Most of this recovers. Very rarely a nerve may be damaged that causes permanent sensory changes or motor (movement) issues.
Bruising and swelling
This varies both in extent and the time taken to recover
Bleeding after surgery is usually minor but may occasionally require a return to the operating theatre
Seroma is a collection of fluid that can occur under the skin. It may need drainage
Anaesthetic complications
Minimising anaesthetic risk by having a specialist anaesthetist and having surgery done in an accredited facility minimises risk. Occasionally patients react unusually to anaesthetic medications requiring intervention.
While exceedingly rare, death can occur after any surgery, due to severe allergy or pulmonary thromboembolism

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