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Breasts Surgery

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Breast Surgery

There are many reasons women choose to have breast surgery. Different women place different value judgments on whether or not breast size and shape is important to them or their life. Whether or not you choose this path is a very personal decision.

For some women, altering the shape and size of their breasts is a life changing experience. It can mean feeling more confident and more attractive. It may mean wearing the sorts of clothes you’ve always wanted to wear or the motivation you’ve needed to embark upon a new health and fitness regime.

Breast lift

Peter Callan Breast Lift, Peter Callan Mastopexy

A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, involves lifting, tightening and reshaping the breasts while keeping them the same size in a bra. Women whose breasts have sagged after breastfeeding or weight loss often undergo breast lift surgery. Occasionally younger females request the procedure because their breasts naturally sag low. If you feel your breasts…

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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction, Reduction mammaplasty

Women who choose to have breast reduction surgery often do so because their naturally large breasts are affecting their quality of life. Large, heavy breasts can be a burden. The extra weight can lead to issues with back and neck pain or posture problems. Sometimes, large breasts can get in the way of physical activity…

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Breast augmentation

Breast enlargement, Breast implants

Mr Callan performs all his surgery in state of the art facilities at St John of God Hospital in Geelong. Breast augmentation is almost always done as a day procedure. Someone will need to take you home from hospital stay with you the first night. Breast augmentation is not a particularly painful procedure but you…

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